The Music

Vino 008 Chuck Love feat. Demonica Flye “The Voice” (remixes by Jevne, Bryan Gerrard, Monte Hilleman)

Vino 007 Riverside Soul feat. Demonica Flye “That Party Feelin'”

Vino 006 Monte Hilleman “Walk With The Wind”

Vino 005 Riverside Soul feat. Demonica Flye “Not The One”

Vino 004 Chuck Love “Deep Smoove” / “Tonight Won’t Stop”

Vino 003 Bryan Gerrard feat. Alexia “Higher Ground”

Vino 002 Chuck Love “Take Me” / “Close Enough”

Vino 001 Riverside Soul feat. De’Monica “Raindrops”


One thought on “The Music

  1. I was so pleased to hear the diverse mixes of, “The Voice”, Monte Hilleman, Chuck Love, Jevne and Bryan Gerrad each had a different feel to the vocals and the arrangements. I just cant stop listening to all of the mixes. Mixes were exceptionally done. Thanks to Monte Hilleman for making this happen!

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